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(904) 289 7890

Yes, we still have rooms for the 4th of July

We have a discounted rate for Military, Police and Fire Personnel

We are taking and getting reservations for Summer, make reservations now.


Pet boarding for dogs    

Happy Pets
Pet Vacation Resort
* 3 Dog Kennel Sizes * Pet Hurricane Shelter Facility • Dog Boarding like home


Our dog kennel or dog boarding facility is located on 20 Acres, bordering Jennings National Forest and is just west of Jacksonville Florida. We are a family owned and operated by a family of dog lovers, so your dog will get the love it deserves while you are away. We are known as a home-style  dog kennel basically this means we offer the love and human contact your dog gets at home not a lock them and leave them place. All dogs are called by name and we make an effort to bond with each dog. We believe happy dogs and owners come back, we also live on site so each day your dog’s needs are fulfilled.

Our dog boarding kennel is air conditioned clean and well ventilated our play yard has no hidden costs and the dogs get to have a great time. Some lay in the shade some play tag or ball while others may decide to dig in our sand pit for buried treasures. We ask you to bring your dogs food to our dog boarding kennel, so eating is never a problem. The home-style environment means no runs so all dogs kept here will be interfacing other dogs and people. We help young shy dogs out of their shells and give old dogs new friends to play with or follow around. We do have a different environment here and our customers do come back, most were looking for what we offer. Because we are different we have long term and do have a monthly rates our longest boarder was from Maryland and they left their 3 show dogs who where with us for almost 2 years while there owner was in Afghanistan making our country safer place to live.

 Lots of natural light and fresh air promotes good mental health. At Agility Pet Resort, we make sure our guests are getting both at our dog boarding kennel. Under supervision they’ll have ample time to run, romp, sniff or dig in our large play yard. We provide a separate play area and nursery area  for toy size breeds which is also used for timid dogs and puppies.

 At Agility Pet Resort, seldom do we see a change in ours guests eating habits.  We ask you to provide your pet’s favorite food, so their diet remains consistent.  With your information, our guest’s water and eating habits are constantly monitored. Pets that are not eating are missing important attention, its called love. We talk to our guests using their name, and any special commands you give us to help relieve the stress.

Party all night

You say you have two or more pets that you would like to keep separate from others? No problem. We offer three dog kennel sizes to accommodate any dog boarding needs with private playtime if necessary in the play yard. We want our guests to be happy at our dog boarding kennel while they are vacationing with us at Agility Pet Resort.


We ask you to provide items to make our guests feel at home while they are vacationing with us. A bed or blanket can make all the difference in the world.  They still smell home and know you will be back soon. Besides, we hand feed them their favorite treats provided by you.  They are in paradise.



To help reduce stress, we select dogs of similar size and personality to play 3 to 5 times a day in a supervised group environment.  We have a large fenced play yard for dogs to run and make new friends.  We have balls, and have found dogs that don’t chase balls, will chase other dogs. Extra playtime may be provided at an additional charge. Remember pet supplies, treats, toys and bedding are comforts.

Jim and Buzz Letcher

Father and son team on site so you can travel in peace no pet is ever left over night or even worse unattended over the weekend. Here at Agility we turly love your pets as you do.

Shot records for dog boarding

All the dogs that stay with us must have “up to date” shot records including Current Rabies and Bordetella. Local vets are recomending a bordetlla shot every six months due to problems at other local kennels. You must provide us with a copy of your dog’s shot record or they  will not be admitted under any circumstances. Please don’t ask.

We also require current treatment for fleas and ticks.

Dog Boarding

Climate Controlled Dog Kennels

All play time is supervised
Dogs Exercised 5 Times a Day
Food and Water Checked Regularly
2 Large Play Yards for the Dogs
Protected Small Dog's Play Yard
Three Kennel sizes
3.5 X 6    6 X 6    6 X 12


Please always treat others pets, as though they are your own.

Please visit our dog boarding kennel located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a safe shelter for dogs in a clean climate controlled environment that is safe and hurricane shelter ready.